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We are home to 16 delightful flavors, where you can choose a unique one that will take your palate on a discovery of senses. Some of ice creams are vegan and the other ones ate gluten free so that every one of you can taste it and enjoy the #mouthfulofhappiness experience!
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How did we get the idea?

Being true pleasure seekers, especially when it comes to sweets and frozen treats to cool down Dubrovnik’s hot summers, we came up with an idea to combine our love for ice creams and the beauty of Dubrovnik being a pearl of the Adriatic Sea.
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Learning from the best

Idea into reality

To be able to turn our idea into reality we went to Italy (Bologna) at the Carpigiani factory, more precisely, to their University of Gelato where we had an opportunity to learn from the best experts in the ice cream industry. Carpigiani is an Italian company specializing in the production of gelato and ice cream machines; moreover, they are manufacturers of the best ice cream, soft serve, artisan gelato, dessert, and display equipment and machines. Carpigiani Gelato University is a professional training school, the largest and most prestigious gelato school in the world for the production of artisan gelato.

At Carpigiani University, we had an opportunity to learn from an alphabet of ice-creams, all about the ingredients, methods of preparation, various techniques, and appliances used, food storage, hygiene to branding, and market positioning. During the training, we got acquainted with the business of confectionery, more precisely artisan gelato and ice cream.

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our project

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Project Beginnings
After school we started to develop the idea of ​​the brand. We paid attention to every little detail of the branding from the name, colors, interior design, ice cream recipes, and the presentation of the products we would offer. We hired a company that helped us with every segment of the brand, especially with final elaboration and quality checks of all the products to be perfect before we enter the Dubrovnik market.
Project Realization
Our wish to make something new, fresh, high-quality, and interesting for the Dubrovnik market came true because we managed to open the Boccapiena ice cream shop with a great effort to offer the best ingredients and fit all of the important factors of a successful brand to the satisfaction and pride of us all.
Misssion & vision
Our mission is to create an essential experience of handmade ice cream made of only natural ingredients. As we like to say „ To Love Is To Serve ” decadent and nutritious iced desserts every time, as there is no exception when it comes to good taste. Our vision is to have new, fresh and high-quality products that will enrich what Dubrovnik has to offer and at the same time could be a worldwide successful and easily implemented brand all around the world.
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a place like no other!

Every single part of our shop is carefully designed and planned to the smallest detail, so we promise you a place like no other. The inspiration for the interior design was definitely an amusement park, so the circular shapes were pulled through the design. Also, four volts are being imposed by the space itself and the Old town so we used that shape through a few details in the shop. When it comes to colors, green, yellow, pink, and light blue predominate. The tiles on the floor are Terrazzo stone imitation as it was often used in Italy and Dubrovnik. We wanted to create the synergy between walking down the Old town stone streets and entering the shop by also respecting antiquity. To make the interior even more interesting we combined antiquity with colorful plastic details and made the special ambiance by those two contrasts.