Creation of The

Boccapiena Recipes

Our recipes are carefully designed and coordinated by Italian technologists and confectioners, so it is a high-quality, proven recipe that was designed by experts who have been in this industry for years. We have a whole team of Italian experts from the Carpigiani factory that helped us with project realization and gave us full technical support, from appliances to the Italian confectioners who participated in devising ice creams and flavor recipes.

All of the ice creams and frozen treats are made with premium authentic ingredients without preservatives or additives, all of the flavors are absolutely free of food color, refined sugar, and chemicals.
We offer an essential ice cream experience, creamy, sweet and cold,, most of the ice-creams are vegan and gluten-free. We guarantee a #mouthfulofhappines

As ice cream experts in the Old Town Dubrovnik we are working hard to bring you the summer pleasure you deserve by offering fresh made-everyday, 32 flavors authentic most delicious Italian ice cream.

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Preparation Process

For all of the milk-based ice creams, we use natural ingredients of high quality such as whole milk and whole cream, which are cooked in a special appliance to prepare the ice-cream base. When the quality base is ready we add the aroma, which is the raw material of Italian pastes. For example, if we are making pistachio ice cream, we are adding the pistachio paste which is 98% pistachio ground to a liquid texture. All of our production staff passed the training by Italian confectioners for our products to be high quality.
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Taste The Happiness!

We offer 32 flavors of ice cream in a scoop, a combination of milk and fruit-based. Fruit ice creams are water-based which means they are sorbets. Most of our ice creams are vegan and gluten-free, even though we may have two or three with gluten, our staff is carefully instructed so they can assist our guests at any time and inform them about all of the ice-cream details. There are also 8 different flavors of ice cream on a stick, slushy, soft serve ( poured ice cream with toppings), ice coffee with toppings such as chocolate, caramel, and pistachio, and of course coffee, juices, and branded Boccapiena water.

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