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Ice cream in Boccapiena is like nowhere else in the world, and once you’ve tried it, nothing else will compare.
10:30 am - 11:00 pm
Working Hours
Od Puča 3, Old Town 20 000, Dubrovnik
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''To Love Is To Serve''

A wish of making something new, fresh, high-quality and interesting in the heart of Dubrovnik walls has come true! Boccapiena is an ice cream shop opened with great love for ice cream and wanting you to taste the best ingredients fitting important factors of a successful brand.
Boccapiena Ice cream Dubrovnik Croatia
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Boccapiena create an essential experience of handmade ice cream made of only natural ingredients. We strive to make every customer feel a #mouthfullofhappiness” to deliver an unforgettable experience to all who visit. Our vision is to have new, fresh and high-quality products that will enrich what Dubrovnik has to offer and at the same time could be a worldwide successful and easily implemented brand all around the world.


Our recipes are high-quality, proven recipes that were designed and coordinated by Italian technologists and confectioners who have been in this industry for years. Italian ice cream is loved all around the world. It is delicious and creative, but also it is healthier and less caloric and that’s why we have been realizing it with the Carpigiani factory who gave us a full technical support, from the appliances to the Italian confectioners.
Boccapiena ice cream Dubrovnik
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Taste The Happiness!

We are home to 16 delightful flavors, where you can choose a unique one that will take your palate on a discovery of senses. All of our ice cream and frozen treats are made with premium authentic ingredients without preservatives or additives and the flavors which are absolutely free of food color and chemicals. Some of ice creams are vegan and the other ones ate gluten free so that every one of you can taste it and enjoy the #mouthfulofhappiness experience!

We haven’t forgotten of ice cream on sticks and that’s why, in our shop, you can find 8 different flavors of them. If you are a lover of coffe, you gotta try our iced one with chocolate, caramel or pistacchio toppings. And when you’re thinking of what else you can have at ours, there is a corner with Juices, coffe and Boccapiena water

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Attention to every detail...

Every interior tells a story. Every single part of our shop is carefully designed and planned to the smallest detail, so we promise you a place like no other. The interior of the shop is designed to be a colorful, fresh, and airy space with bright colors and dominant dark green color which is mostly implemented through branding.

This is the shop you are going to want to take all the pictures in, so be prepared

Our Instagram corner is decorated with pink color and colorful ribbons from the top of the ceiling through which people should slip and enter the photo booth with the beautiful background of big red mouth and Bocapiena neon sign. These represent an association to “boccapiena”, which in Italian means mouth full of pleasure when eating some dessert, so we love to say #mouthfulofhappiness!

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“Happy employees make happy customers”

Our customers are the centre of our universe. We recruit the best staff and source the finest ingredients to ensure each time you enter Boccapiena you have a glorious experience. Let your mouth taste the happiness at Boccapiena, and let your #mouthfullofhappiness be the brightest moment of the day. Our goal is simple: serve exceptional high-quality ice cream that adds joy to the day! All of our staff went through a training process before the opening. They practiced presenting all of the products, went through all of the ingredients and flavors, to get acquainted with.

Our Happy Customers

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Petra Krešić
Best ice cream that I tasted in Dubrovnik, as good as real Italian gelato! Thank you, had a great time!
Kemal Vukotić
Definitely the best ice cream in town! I tried double caramel it was amazing 🍦🤩
Katarina Radonić
Cutest new place in town with friendly staff you should definitely visit! One of the best ice creams I ever had! They have so many flavors, and you should definitely also try their granitas made with fresh fruit and their ice coffees 😍
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